3M 8300 Series

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3M 8300 Series Respirator Protection

3M 8300 Series Cup Shaped Respirator
These cup respirators are made from advanced Electret filter material which helps the wearer
breathe more easily. Fitted with a Cool Flow valve to reduce heat and moisture build up
especially in hot and humid conditions, it is less likely to mist eye wear and stays comfortable
for longer. Suitable for moderate levels of dust/oil or water based mists. The 8322 has an FFP2
rating, with an assigned protection factor of 10 (APF 10). The 8833 is an FFP3 rated mask
offering an assigned protection factor 20 (APF 20) offering a higher level of protection than the
FFP2. The 8833 also has a soft inner face seal and is classed as reusable. 8322 Classification:
EN149:2001 FFP2 NR D APF 10. 8833 Classification: EN149:2001 FFP3 R D APF 20.
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